What is this?

This site is a planet - while this term has fallen out of use somewhat, it used to mean a page aggregating many news sources pertaining to a single topic. A good example of a similar concept is Planet Haskell or Planet Python.

Planet Golang is of course dedicated to the Go programming language.

The most important thing - this isn't a newsletter, or a curated collection. It's anything and everything Go-related, for your browsing convenience.

Since September 2023 the site is maintained by Tomáš Urbanec. It was developed and up to August 2023 also maintained by Paweł J. Wal.

My stuff should be on here!

Fantastic! You can add it yourself by opening a pull request on GitHub (check out feeds.yml). If you'd rather not do that, or you don't expose an RSS feed, let me know by mail.

My stuff should NOT be on here.

I'm sorry. You can remove it yourself by opening a pull request on GitHub, or let me know by mail.

This is cool and I'd like to help!

If you have any ideas, please reach out by mail.

If you want to chip in for infrastructure costs, you can do it via paypal. Thank you.


External content is clearly labelled as such and authors are stated everywhere it appears. The content is provided strictly for educational use and in a non-commercial fashion; as such, I believe this site falls under fair use.

The Go gopher was designed by Renee French. The design is licensed under the Creative Commons 3.0 Attributions license. Read this article for more details.