Updating Snapcraft secrets

If you, like me, release your projects to the Snap Store using GoReleaser, you might need to eventually update the secret. It seems to me that the secret expires every year, and this is the time of the year I need to renew mine. To help future me, this is my recipe on how to do i...

packagemain #25: Identifying Container Image vulnerabilities with Docker Scout

We all know, that Docker technology is great and brings us many advantages, but also, unfortunately, Docker images include many attack surfaces on different layers.

Ep. 3: Mastering Kubernetes: Setting Up Environments with Kind

Introduction: In this installment of the Ultimate Software Design series, Bill guides us through setting up a Kubernetes environment using Kubernetes inside Docker (kind). He breaks down the structure of Kubernetes and offers insights into effective cluster management, ensuring a...

Rust error handling: Option & Result

The night is dark and full of errors, so how should we handle these gracefully and safely in our Rust programs? Let’s introduce two of every Rust programmer’s favourite types: Option and Result.

Reasons to not expose Go's choice of default TLS ciphers

Join us on Substack

Today me and my friend/colleague Julien Singler are starting a new Substack Newsletter called “package main” (this name may sound familiar).

The long-overdue problem coming for some people in Go 1.23


This page is a summary of what’s going on in my life currently.

Go's old <code>$GOPATH</code> story for development and dependencies

The Go team explains compiler optimizations

#​508 — May 21, 2024 Unsub  |  Web Version Go Weekly ▶  Boosting Performance of Go Apps with Optimizations — Three members of the Go team gave a talk at last week’s Google I/O about a topic we’ve covered a lot lately – us...