Test names should be sentences

Tests communicate a lot of information, to readers, other developers, and even our future selves. Well-written tests focus on a single unit of behaviour that can be described in a brief sentence, and we can use that sentence as the name of the test.

GNU Emacs and the case of special space characters

The xz attack shell script

A detailed walkthrough of the xz attack shell script.

Timeline of the xz open source attack

A detailed timeline of the xz open source attack, from 2021 to 2024.

Announcing GoReleaser v1.25 - Easter Edition

Happy Easter! The second release of 2024 is here! It’s the result of 2 months of work by me and many contributors, aiming on releasing a v2 soon. Highlights new: automatically update the description/readme on Docker Hub (only on Pro) new: added goreleaser verify-license com...

Go 1 turns twelve

#​502 — April 2, 2024 Unsub  |  Web Version 🐣 A quick note to say Go Weekly is taking next Tuesday off, as part of some Easter break-taking. We'll be back on Tuesday, April 16 :-)__Your editor, Peter Cooper Go Weekly Freeze: Gen...

Summary of reading: January - March 2024

"Lessons in Chemistry: A Novel" by Bonnie Garmus - a research chemist finds her way in the world following multiple personal tragedies and facing extreme gender discrimination. I have some mixed feelings about this book. On one hand it's original, enternaining, well-wr...

Programming with confidence: TDD in Go

There’s an easy, pleasant, and reliable way to build software in Go, guided by tests. Let’s find out what it’s like to program with confidence, in the first part of this TDD tutorial series.

No-one likes a leaky goroutine

#​501 — March 26, 2024 Unsub  |  Web Version Go Weekly Learning Go in 2024; From Beginner to Senior — Go learning resources are plentiful and cover the gamut of media from text, to video, to podcasts, and all skill levels from begi...